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“Mag Bang”: the Replica Hublot chronograph magnesium

Like a UFO in contemporary watchmaking, the ‘Mag Bang’ of Replica┬áHublot Watches pushes the limits in the use of new materials. exceptional lightness and strength are at the rendezvous. With its magnesium case and mechanical chronograph movement with platinum and titanium bridges, ‘Mag Bang’ simultaneously sign two world premieres.


Highly resistant, a third lighter than aluminum and 2.6 x lighter than titanium, magnesium had never previously been used in the production of a watch case.

And for good reason: it has a density relationship / extraordinary hardness, magnesium is extremely difficult to machine. Its rigidity requires unprecedented tolerances that Swiss specialists of the watch could not answer. It is in partnership with an Italian company specialized in the production of magnesium components that Hublot has developed the casing of its new ‘Mag Bang’. Watchmaking and enters a new dimension.

Essential for health, widely used as medicine in pharmacies, magnesium is found almost everywhere on the planet. Eighth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, magnesium is used in advanced areas of aerospace, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Flammable when exposed to air, the magnesium powder revolutionized photography when appeared the first flashes.

A century later, magnesium is about to revolutionize the world of watchmaking. For its exceptional resistance and lightness make it an ideal component for the watch industry.

For Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, is convinced: “The future of high-end watchmaking technology also means weight gain. All research of high-tech industries are dominated by the will to win both grams and reliability. Weight is the enemy of high technology and, with Mag Bang, Hublot is perfectly in this perspective. We are at the dawn of a new day for the watch. ”

First World, the magnesium case of the ‘Mag Bang’ home another world first: a mechanical chronograph movement with bridges, platinum oscillating weight and titanium screws. In this context, the chronograph movement HUB44 exclusive Hublot movement developed in collaboration with the La Joux-Perret has been completely reworked to replace the titanium usually components in nickel. In the end, the movement retains only 22 grams on the scale against 45 for its predecessor, and a total of 72 grams of the finished watch!

Very technical, the new chronograph ‘Mag Bang’, is characterized by its powerful 44.5 mm casing in magnesium with extra large bezel magnesium or ceramic.

Under the sapphire glass anti-reflective double-sided treaty, the dial texalium reinforces the innovative nature of the piece. The side profile is achieved by an insert in composite resin – which gives this chronograph feel crossed by the black strap Hublot Replica natural rubber – and the construction of its case in layers that you can play with materials . Like the crown and rectangular buttons heads that feature in the black natural rubber inserts. In the same vein, the caseback is made of titanium.

Carved from magnesium, titanium, ceramics, synthetic fiber, texalium and rubber chronograph ‘Mag Bang’ Hublot certainly opens new high-tech opportunities in high-end watchmaking.

This exceptional watch is the subject of a limited series of 250 pieces individually numbered.

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