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Give a Cartier replica and be like Prince William (or almost)


They say that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton for their wedding anniversary, a Cartier replica watches. True? We will see.

The Cartier replica watches has caught the attention of the press, even though Kate has tried to cover it with the sleeves of his clothes, while traveling in Australia. But of course, hide the clock has not always been possible because of the protocol and good weather that have made long sleeve was not always adequate. So there are rumors that Prince William to Kate Middleton has given away with this watch on the occasion of its anniversary.

Recently commented taste of Prince William for Omega watches and even thought that during his trip to Australia would see his majesty wearing one of these watches. But royalty is capricious and the clock has been featured on the tour of the Dukes of Cambridge has been a Cartier.


Was the Cartier watch anniversary gift?

This is what those of say, but I would say no, because this is not the first time we see Kate Middleton with the same Cartier watch, so we may have discovered his favorite watch, but do not think we unveiled anniversary gift. Anyway we continue attentive to the looks of the princess, who also is becoming a benchmark in terms of fashion trends and accessories.

If you think an ideal place for your own wedding anniversary gift, price watch Kate Middleton is above 3500 pounds. A much cheaper option is to buy a Cartier replia watches, at a much lower price and with the rest … find a cheap flight to Australia and enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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