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Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

Time for a Cartier Ronde Louis fake watch photo review on this Cartier replica. A fun, unisex piece that’s very summer-ish in my opinion. It’s the white face and white leather strap that make me feel like that about it every time I see it. It’s one of those easy to wear replica Cartier watches and a bit different because there are not a whole lot of white lather strap replica Cartier out there or any other watches for that matter. I guess you really have to like the all white theme here because most guys I know always go for the black on black watches so the all white might be a bit too different of a feel for most of them.

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review Box
Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review Box

Replica Cartier Watches

Navy blue hands on a white/silver dial with navy blue Cartier roman numerals as markers. Small seconds hand at 6 o’clock and small date window at 3 o’clock. I do like the rounded all polished stainless steel case and the crown that’s really nice cloned. An element that’s not really easy to have in good quality because Cartier always makes it look so expensive. Scratch-proof crystal does the job too so overall the looks are here on this Cartier replica watch.

Cartier Replica Movement

As it’s specified on the dial the movement is Quartz (battery run) so the small seconds hand chrono at 6 o’clock will tick more than sweep. Cartier are well known for having Quartz movements on plenty of their watches and that’s usually a way for them to distinguish the cheaper pieces from the more expensive ones. It’s all good that the movement and the dial engraving match so nothing to worry about here either.

Cartier Ronde Louis Fake Watch Photo Review

The white leather strap closes with that bracelet Cartier clasp that makes it look very seamless as you’ll see in one of the pics below. I think this is a fun and good piece to wear if you are more open to light colors and don’t mind having wearing a white watch every now and then. It should not be very hard to pass for a cheaper Cartier original because it’s a very simple and clean watch and the looks will definitely be in its favor.

Go through the pics below and feel free to give me your feedback on this Cartier Ronde Louis fake watch photo review. I’m interested in knowing how you guys like it.

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